Getting paid
made easy

With Lipi, you can receive payments fast and securely in your
preffered account by eliminating manual processes for your
customers or money senders.

Powered By Culipa!

Lipi runs on Culipa’s powerful payment processing platform to create a smooth payment experience for those who are paying you. Once we receive the payment from your customer or contact, we quickly send the payment to your specified receipient account, whether that is a mobile money account or bank account (coming soon). Learn more about Culipa here.

Create and Share Payment Links

With Lipi, you can easily generate a payment link and quickly share it to the payer via WhatsApp, QR code or other messaging app. Simply specify the amount, select the fee payer, give a short description then share the payment request link (lipi) and wait for the funds to hit your selected account.

Share Payment Request Link

The shared link takes the payer to our secure hosted payment page where they can quickly choose how they want to pay the stated amount. No need to stress your dear payer with recalling and entering phone numbers or spending so much time on *165# and other methods that are error prone or require a lot of manual steps or filling of excessive information.

Efficient Payment Flow


Install the app from Google Play or App Store. Sign up and login

Save Financial Account

Add your receipient mobile or bank accounts on which we will send your payments

Quickly Share

Generate a payment link and share it over WhatsApp or other messaging apps.

Secure Payments

The shared link will take the payer to our payment page where they can securely make payment.

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