Lipi is a fast, secure and easy way to pay for goods and services or ask your clients or contacts to pay you via messaging apps like WhatsApp. With a link, your clients or contacts can pay you easily and securely using mobile money.

Lipi is powered by Culipa and meets strict security requirements and standards. A payment request from Lipi will always start with or, If it doesn't, don't click the link. Please report it to us instead via any of our channels below.

Anyone with an MTN Uganda or Airtel Uganda mobile money account can use Lipi. Every time a contact pays you, they use their mobile money account and do not have to have the Lipi app installed on their phone.

No. You simply send a payment request to them, and they pay directly using their mobile money account on the website. If they open the payment request link on their phone which has the Lipi app installed, the Lipi app will be used to make the payment.

Yes, you can register or log in on several devices including tablets. All payment requests will be synced across all the devices in which your Lipi account is signed in.

No. You can only add mobile money accounts that have not already been added to any Lipi Account. We may additionally refuse to add a mobile money account if the mobile registration information like names or date of birth is different from that of the user.

If you go to 'My mobile accounts' in the menu, you can add or delete accounts. Unfortunately, it's not yet possible to change your name and date of birth in Lipi. Please contact us perform this change. We will require additional information.

If you want to remove your details stored by Lipi, please contact us. Culipa staff will then contact you to verify your identity, after which Lipi will delete your details.

Try uninstalling the app and downloading it again. If Lipi still doesn't work, contact us via WhatsApp explaining what went wrong. We'll help you from there.

Yes, you can! And if you'd like to send a request to more than one contact but they're not in the same group, simply select the contacts in WhatsApp and your request will go to those contacts only.

To prevent fraudulent use of Lipi, we've set a number of limits in the app. For example, a request cannot be for more than UGX 500,000 or under UGX 500. For each request your contact cannot pay you back more than UGX 1,000,000. Lipi requests expire after 24 hours.

Yes. You can delete only unpaid requests in the app. The payment request link will then no longer work. If anyone has used the request to make a payment, then it cannot be deleted anymore. The only way to delete them at this point is to remove their recipient mobile account from the Lipi Account.

Transfers are usually instantaneous but can take up to some hours depending on your mobile money provider.

For each request you can see in the app whether your contact has paid. You also get a push notification when a payment has been received. Additionally, your mobile wallet provider will also send you an SMS confirming you’ve received money from us after your contact has made a payment using the link.

Since you send your payment requests via WhatsApp, Lipi never knows who you sent them to. We are trying to come up with a solution to this. If you have any ideas, we'd love to hear them. Send your ideas to

Check the Lipi request inside the app and confirm if the recipient account selected for the Lipi is the one intended. If it's correct, check with your contact to see if the payment was taken from their account. If it was, contact us, together with you, we'll try to find out what happened.

If you want to send money back to the person you requested it from, you will need to know their mobile account number and can send to them directly. Or you can, of course, ask him or her to send you a payment request via Lipi :-)

We charge a small UGX 200 fee on every Lipi transaction. Additionally, the payer’s mobile wallet provider applies fees to payer’s account as well as to us (Culipa Limited), we pass these fees on to either the payer or the requester. The Lipi requester chooses whom should pay the fees.

You have 24 hours to pay using the Lipi request, giving you more than enough time. Has the link expired? Simply request a new one!

Lipi is a service by Culipa Limited which is the entity in partnership with your mobile wallet provider. The wallet provider therefore shows you that Culipa has deducted money or deposited money onto your mobile wallet account.